Hello and welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find links to view my journalism content as well as options to contact me or connect via social media.
My journalism career has always been focused around my own personal interests. These include;

  • Film; although I still consume several films a week, most of the coverage here ranges from 2013-2016 when I had built and ran a movie website ‘Gone With The Movies’. Other outlets I have worked with include; Total Film magazine, OnMovies magazine and The Guardian (online).
  • Travel; this is something that has always been important to me. I love visiting new countries, to explore their cultures and have new experiences... a strong wanderlust. I am proud to say that I have so far visited forty-seven countries, mostly over the past five years. I have not yet published many travel articles… all of my (mis)adventures have been documented so far in my own physical travel diaries on a shelf somewhere, but I plan to open these up to the world soon.

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~ Charlie Green